this is how the world ends


hullo.  for some of you, welcome back.  for others, just welcome.

i’ve severed ties with godaddy, and come back to wordpress proper.  however…new blog name, because wordpress does not allow undeletion of deleted blogs (my fault there, i should have kept the old name as a placeholder).  but ah well, right?  it’s time to move on, to new and hopefully better things.

my plan, for now, for this blog is to get back to writing about games, maybe some tech, crafty stuff (with perhaps some etsy highlights), and probably food as well.  a little old, a little new.

you’ll note the title, if you ever went to my etsy shop, is now tied in to that.  expect to see some of my creations here.  and, maybe, eventually, i might write some fiction for you here as well.  we shall see.

that’s pretty much it for now.  i hope you like what comes.


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