how to properly nerf an anniversary dinner:

the lovely mister ice and i went out to a local mexican restaurant tonight for a late anniversary dinner.  we’ve been to pesos once before, and mister was craving crunchy tacos, so we went again.

we sat down, and ordered, and got drinks.  and when our food came, things got a little weird.

mister ice got fish tacos.  i had gotten a mushroom enchilada.  when our food came, i was handed ‘crab enchiladas’, and when i took a look, it looked far more like chicken.


hmm.  i let the hostess know there was something strange about my food.  she got the waitress, since she could tell that was most definitely chicken.  i let the waitress know i was okay with eating it, as i’m not a vegetarian in the least.  she was concerned though, because now someone else must have my food.  she offered to get me new food, and i did my best to decline.  she then changed her offer: she would bring me the correct dish, in addition to the chicken.  i was, of course, already half full on chips, but lunch for tomorrow (another 11.5 hour day of work) was a super idea.

at this point, i was already more than happy with the arrangements.  i dug into my chicken enchiladas, and tried mister’s tacos.  our waitress brought over a box, and the new enchiladas, and more drinks (just arnold palmers).  and then.

she tells us dessert is on the way.


and it’s on the house.


dessert was a brownie, topped with chocolate mouse, ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate drizzle.

holy freaking gods.