making a geek masterpiece

so, i have an etsy shop.  and i sell things i’ve made over there, sometimes.  and sometimes, i get special requests for things i have never done before.

this is the story of one of those requests.

now, when i first opened my shop on etsy, it was just jewelry.  then katelyn from heartandhandmade2 offered me some candle supplies in a trade.  and then, she offered me soap supplies.

soaps have, inevitably, become one of my best sellers.

i’m really always up for new challenges and custom orders.  i learned how to do basic wire wrapping for a custom request.  i’ve made and repaired jewelry to custom specifications.  it’s fun, and i learn a lot this way.  so i really had no hesitation when the request came for a full set of dragonball soaps.

dragonball z is this crazy anime where everyone seems to be named after vegetables (i could be very wrong about this), and certain characters gain power levels and fight each other, and everyone is looking for the seven magic yellow dragonballs (so numbered with shiny red stars).


i’d never made round soaps before.

so, i purchased an inexpensive half circle silicone baking mold.  it was really good for making half circles, but really not so great for full ones (i could never really get thetwo halves to connect smoothly).  but, while i had it, i made some lovely prototypes.


you can see i had some pretty interesting configurations and ideas going on here.  in the beginning of the project, i was dead set on making the stars out of soap.  i could get the smaller star numbers to fit great, but the 6 and 7 balls just looked terrible, since the two halves would not fit together without the star edges popping out.

we ended up moving to paper stars, with a full sphere mold (one soap at a time, instead of the three at once i could do with the half sphere mold).  i’d say the end result looks pretty good:

IMAG0936 IMAG0937 IMAG0938