Emerald City Comic Con 2013

my work schedule recently underwent a big re-working, and i now have sundays off.  this is a big thing, as i haven’t had weekend days off in over six months.  and just about a week ago, we had this big geek party up in here in seattle, a thing called emerald city comic con.

well, we went.  and i made my first ever attempt at actual cosplay (costumed play).  i was in no way trying to be screen accurate, obviously.  here’s what i wore:

the dress is from an etsy shop named lameasaurus.  they do all sorts of geeky sci-fi dresses in this cute style.  there’s a $10 petticoat underneath to help fluff it out a bit.  i added my own red tie, gotten from an etsy trade.  the tardis lunchbox was a christmas gift from my department’s secret santa exchange.  it was indeed bigger on the inside, holding not only my cel phone (mobile), my tickets, and the sonic screwdriver when it wasn’t in use, but also my hooded sweater and a few other needful things for the day!

the shoes are chucks, true to form, but these ones have a swirly metallic galaxy print on them.  socks are of course from sockdreams (quick side note: sockdreams had a booth there, and they gave out coupons and their lovely sock darling stickers with a gamer motif!).IMAG1226