would you like a jelly baby?


i am back, at least for the moment.  there’s this big crazy event coming up in a few days, and i thought i might do something to celebrate.

big crazy event?, you say.  yes, at least for a big fandom i consider myself a tiny part of: dr who.  dr who’s 50th anniversary.


so i am going to have a tiny little giveaway to help a couple fellow fans celebrate:

i am giving away 2 sets of soap from my very own shop: frozenwaterdesisgns

i’ll be giving out one pair of tardis&dalek, and also one of the giant tardis soaps, so two separate winners.  each soap will come in a jammy dodger scent, which smells good enough to eat (but please don’t)!

how do you enter?  well,i am not fancy enough to use a rafflecopter widget just yet, so simply leave a (non-spammy) comment, and i will throw your username in a hat and have someone help me pick the winners!

winners will be drawn on the evening of wednesday, nov 20, 2013, so that gives you just about 3 days!





14 thoughts on “would you like a jelly baby?

  1. Elly I love your soaps! I’m out right now. I’m happy to leave a comment and let me know if I can do anything for you. Though, last time when I ordered the “coffee bean” scented soap, that wasn’t so great. Funny, but it doesn’t work well as a soap aroma, though I still enjoyed the soap.


  2. Those are FANTASTIC! Don’t blink or we may miss out?

    (But seriously, the soaps in your Etsy store are awesome and I would want them all.)


  3. A soap that smells good enough to eat? Count me in! Where were these types of soaps when I was spewing out curse words as a kid and my parents made me bit on a bar of soap?


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