wintergift comes to an end…

Here on the blog, but it’s still going strong out in real life!

Here is the official winners list for our weeklong giftaway:

Day 1: jilliebeanie

Day 2: dragynally

Day 3: jilliebeanie

Day 4: matokin

Day 5: Susan

Day 6: Susan

Congratulations everyone, and to everyone a great holiday!



more winners!

Day 3 winner = jillibeanie

Day 5 winner = Susan


And one very last tiny giveaway of an igloo and a penguin, just because:

If you could spend Christmas anywhere, where would you go, and with whom?

a belated day 5!

The winner of the icy death star is a newbie to the blog, matokin! Are you already for the next one? Get your coffee cups ready, because this is the long promised Starbucks giftaway! 1. A Seattle mug ornament 2. An exclusive, made by yours truly, coffee blend 3. A $5 Starbucks e-gift card, delivered via email, Twitter, or Facebook   All to one winner! To enter, leave a comment below describing the absolute best winter memory you have. You all know I can’t remember anything to save my life, so make me feel like I lived through it too!9rQcVO_siTKGtPD45LzlBoqvuIC4dJudCTRYrlyzJZo=w185-c-h185-n-o-k

No winner announcement yet for day 3, remember that will come later!

However, there is a giveaway for day 4, and it is star wars themed!  I don’t have a photo, but imagine, if you will, a cool icy blue, glowing death star…soap.  it will look like this in shape.

To win this one, throw a comment over here about your favorite holiday song, and give me details. I want to know who sang the version you love, when, and what makes it so good!

on to day 3!

Congratulations to our day 2 winner, dragynally! I’ll email you soon 🙂

Day 3 is going to be a little different. This is the big giveaway day, for a full soap set like the one here:

This set will be holiday themed, with a snowflake soap and fizzie. The winner for this one week be picked next Monday, Dec 16. Don’t forget though, there will be even more giveaways until then!

So, for the big one, leave a comment telling me what your favorite winter dessert is 🙂

on the second day of wintergift…

we have a winner from yesterday!

by super random draw, jilliebeanie is the winner of the day 1 giveaway of a gingerbread man soap.  please email me at with your shipping address info!

now, on to day 2 🙂

day 2’s prize is a $5 gift card to DQ. it may not be quite as exciting as soap, but it is still pretty sweet if you live near a dairy queen or an orange julius.

want it?  leave a comment and tell me about the best gift you’ve ever given someone!

welcome to wintergift!

it’s been a little crazy around here.  lots of appointments, lots of work, and lots of technical difficulties.  in fact, i am on a borrowed computer at the moment.  my kindle, which has managed to very nicely take on all the crazy things i’ve asked it to do, just stopped connecting to my internet.

luckily, it’s a known issue (with no yet known solution), and a new one is being sent out to me.

of course, this has tried to throw a few wrenches in the works around here, but i am doing my best not to let it.  in fact, i remember chatting a bit on social networking, about more giveaways for the winter season!

so, here comes giveaway #1 of several:

1. leave a comment below with a sentence or two about your holiday traditions.

2. be ready.  this giveaway closes tomorrow, 12/11/13 (is that 11/12/13 for folks in other countries?  woah!) at 5pm pacific time.  time may be slightly wibbly.

3. oh, hey, i should probably announce what’s up for grabs!  How about a giant gingerbread man soap?

4. come back for another giveaway tomorrow!