welcome to wintergift!

it’s been a little crazy around here.  lots of appointments, lots of work, and lots of technical difficulties.  in fact, i am on a borrowed computer at the moment.  my kindle, which has managed to very nicely take on all the crazy things i’ve asked it to do, just stopped connecting to my internet.

luckily, it’s a known issue (with no yet known solution), and a new one is being sent out to me.

of course, this has tried to throw a few wrenches in the works around here, but i am doing my best not to let it.  in fact, i remember chatting a bit on social networking, about more giveaways for the winter season!

so, here comes giveaway #1 of several:

1. leave a comment below with a sentence or two about your holiday traditions.

2. be ready.  this giveaway closes tomorrow, 12/11/13 (is that 11/12/13 for folks in other countries?  woah!) at 5pm pacific time.  time may be slightly wibbly.

3. oh, hey, i should probably announce what’s up for grabs!  How about a giant gingerbread man soap?

4. come back for another giveaway tomorrow!


11 thoughts on “welcome to wintergift!

  1. Our Christmas traditions include chocolate milk one night with new Christmas pjs and a new Christmas movie, lighting of the town tree, parades, and visiting lots of family. We’ve also started by pulling a angel of the Salvation Army tree and humane society tree


  2. we always hide the kids shoes on the nite before Thanksgiving an then Tom Turkey comes at nite an fills them with candy…My great great grandmother started this an now I do it with my grandkids…


  3. Put on our Christmas Pj’s before bed. Get up early on Christmas day and open our gifts. Then have a wonderful Christmas morning breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and bacon. We let the kids goof around with whatever they got and hubby and I sit and have a leisurely cup of coffee then we go meet family for a Christmas celebration and dinner.


      1. WordPress hates me lol it didn’t show anything after I typed it and logged in, do I redid it oops!

        Looking at lights was something I grew up doing & my 20 month old LOVES it when he sees the “ights!!”


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