No winner announcement yet for day 3, remember that will come later!

However, there is a giveaway for day 4, and it is star wars themed!  I don’t have a photo, but imagine, if you will, a cool icy blue, glowing death star…soap.  it will look like this in shape.

To win this one, throw a comment over here about your favorite holiday song, and give me details. I want to know who sang the version you love, when, and what makes it so good!


5 thoughts on “

  1. I’ll be Home for Christmas as sung by the incomparable Bing Crosby. It makes me cry and feel sad. Which is usually the opposite of how a good Holiday song should make you feel… However it reminds me of the tough time I had my first year of college and how I couldn’t wait to come home and be with family. So even though it’s sad being with family is awesome! The end.


  2. Christmas Eve Sarajevo by Trans Siberian Orchestra. Makes me happy, reminds me of seeing it live the first time and the joy it brought me.


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