a belated day 5!

The winner of the icy death star is a newbie to the blog, matokin! Are you already for the next one? Get your coffee cups ready, because this is the long promised Starbucks giftaway! 1. A Seattle mug ornament 2. An exclusive, made by yours truly, coffee blend 3. A $5 Starbucks e-gift card, delivered via email, Twitter, or Facebook   All to one winner! To enter, leave a comment below describing the absolute best winter memory you have. You all know I can’t remember anything to save my life, so make me feel like I lived through it too!9rQcVO_siTKGtPD45LzlBoqvuIC4dJudCTRYrlyzJZo=w185-c-h185-n-o-k


3 thoughts on “a belated day 5!

  1. once it was super snowy out (in upstate NY). everything was closed so i had the day off from work. my dad surprised me by picking me up and driving me around to see all the pretty snow covered trees and scenery 🙂 it was so peaceful because no one was out on the roads.


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