today’s event is now over and raffle winner(s) notified 🙂

thank you to all who joined!


standard fcc required disclaimer, etc:  everything in this raffle was either bought or created by me, and was not given for promotional purposes.  all prizes were paid for from my own pocket, and the cost of each raffle entry is strictly helping me to recuperate that money.  any profit made will go toward supplies for future raffles and/or giveaways.  the money processor, paypal, may take fees after a certain amount of entries.

prizes:1. sodastream jet (minus the started carbonator if i end up shipping it; carbonator included is in person winner)

2. SanDisk Connect 32GB Wireless Flash Drive

3. starbucks brushed metal keychain

4. disney blue and white fantasia ball cap

5. various prizes from my etsy shop

that list may change/get bigger before the event starts.  depends on what all is hiding out around here.  it is all new and unused.  i do own a cat, so if you are very allergic, this may not be the event for you.

raffle ‘tickets’ will be $2 a piece, and you may purchase as many as you want. i do not have a way to split your entries per specific item drawing, my apologies.  if you want 50 entries (i love you), it would be $100, and could be done as one lump paypal payment.  by sending a paypal payment of $2 or more, you agree that this is a raffle/random drawing, and you are not guaranteed to win.  you also agree that you will not reverse payment or open any dispute against me, the sole contest holder.  odds of winning depend on entries received.  there will be several prizes available (at least 5, quite possibly more).

okay, so.  keep in mind if you are an online only winner, i will be paying out for shipping your item(s) to you.  i expect to end up at a net loss for this particular event, and i am okay with that.  if you are an in person winner, shipping is obviously not an issue.

need not be present to win, although if you are an online winner, i will expect an email from you within 24 hours to claim your prize.  prizes will be shipped within one week of the event.  there will be tracking information on your package and provided to you by email.  i reserve the right to ship by either usps or ups.

yes, international online participants are welcome!  be aware, your country may charge customs on your prize.  i have no control over this, and cannot and will not pay the fees for you.

okay, i think that’s all the legal stuff i need to let you know.  did i miss something?  let me know in a comment.

at this time, tickets may be purchased via paypal, using this email address to send to:

again, tickets are $2 a piece, and you may buy as many as you see fit.  there is no upper limit.  all prices are us dollars, and all prizes will be shipped from the us as well.

we go live at 4pm (1600) pst, monday, feb 10, 2014, and the event will run until 7pm (2100)pst the same evening.

more notes for monday’s event:

1.  facebook apparently has no way to conduct a live video interactive feed.  so, if you only do facebook for media, you may be missing a portion of the evening.
2.  google+ has hangouts, which can hold at least 10 people at a time, live and fully interactive as long as you have a camera and mic.  you can also apparently phone in, and it has a chat box as well.  it can also apparently broadcast the event to youtube and my blog.
3.  i can check into just a straight broadcast via youtube,, or any number of other sites, which would highly limit the interactivity.

i vote for option 2, with maybe the broadcast option for those who don’t have a g+ account (but why don’t you already?).

i will get final detail out to all my media tomorrow.

you, me, and a bottle of glee!

hullo ladies, gents, and null,

the holidays are over (for most), and most of us are catching our breaths again!

of course, certain parts of the country are still froze-in, including possibly my hometown tonight. brr! well…i want to bring some joy to things, even if i can’t bring a nice fireplace for us all to gather round.

so, to that tune, i am having a get together this monday, both online, and in real life!

and! there will be prizes, also online and in person!

i’m still working out the details, but it’s looking like a raffle may be involved (with paypal as the money moderator). there will be some #sodastream prizes (including a machine), and there will very likely be prizes from my etsy shop (including chocolates!), and there may be other prizes also (incuding a starbucks keychain).

so stick with me this weekend as details start to emerge, and let’s get the post-holiday blues blown away 🙂