you, me, and a bottle of glee!

hullo ladies, gents, and null,

the holidays are over (for most), and most of us are catching our breaths again!

of course, certain parts of the country are still froze-in, including possibly my hometown tonight. brr! well…i want to bring some joy to things, even if i can’t bring a nice fireplace for us all to gather round.

so, to that tune, i am having a get together this monday, both online, and in real life!

and! there will be prizes, also online and in person!

i’m still working out the details, but it’s looking like a raffle may be involved (with paypal as the money moderator). there will be some #sodastream prizes (including a machine), and there will very likely be prizes from my etsy shop (including chocolates!), and there may be other prizes also (incuding a starbucks keychain).

so stick with me this weekend as details start to emerge, and let’s get the post-holiday blues blown away 🙂


One thought on “you, me, and a bottle of glee!

  1. I switched my days off so I’m working all the way through this next Thursday. I am however off work early on Monday so if it’s an evening thing I will catch ya online 🙂 I have a feeling I will be too tired to travel since it will be work day #7 at that point 😉


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