Goings on in Etsy land (and other updates)

hey all 🙂

i am on a nice little vacation from my pay-the-bills job, so i thought maybe it was time to do a little everything-else-news kind of blog update.  there’s a lot going on, as i’ve just had my first wholesale request, and i will be working on that all week long.  it’s kind of exciting!  also, i’ll be getting a pretty big couple of parcels in from amazon and my soap supplier, containing a couple new scents, a lot of new molds, and other things that are just generally needed around here.

i’ll also be getting the new geeky mold that i hinted at last week on my social media sites, the one that i’m thinking will really be earning its wings fast!

i’ve learned how to make oatmeal soap, so will have that at the next backyard barter event up here in seattle.  i’m also on the hunt for a new batch of lavender, and more eucalyptus (it smells pretty amazing when fresh!).

and!  coming soon to the blog, i will be doing product reviews every so often.  i have something marvelously geeky on its way to me this week, and once i try it out, i’ll let you know all about it. 


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