our first official review is a geek’s super mario bros decor solution

required disclaimer:  i was given a product free in exchange for this review.  all opinions are my own.


on a tip from my good friend dana (of the dragyn’s lair), i was able to try an item from the wall decals & more section of this site.  the exact product can be found here.

i chose this particular product because we could really use some more wall decor in our studio.  we’ve been here close to two years now, and even inthe past, we’ve just never had anything on the walls.  and it’s been boring!

this past year, we’ve managed to accumulate a few cool, geeky things, like the harry potter poster in the cloud library, and the tardis version of van gogh’s starry night.  but our walls are still pretty noticeably bare, so the opportunity to try out these super mario wall decals seemed like just the thing.

i want to make a few points here, and the first one is, holy caw, there a lot of decals in this package!  you get four pages of decently sized decals, covering a wide range of easily recognizable super mario bros characters, including of course, mario and luigi, but also peach, toad, king koopa, and bullet bill.  there are even baby versions of a few of the characters, so there’s definitely a little something here for everyone.

on to point two, the quality.  these decals are actually pretty amazing for being under $15.  they’re not overly huge, so they just give a little pop of colour on our white walls, but it’s better than just plain white walls. 

also, of note, the packaging states that these ‘may not work on heavily textured surfaces’.  most of the walls here are textured, as i think the builders figured it would add to the early 1900s charm.  well, i am pleased to report that these work just fine on these moderately textured walls!

the re-usability is also excellent, after about a 7 or 8 day test.  they didn’t pull up any of the paint, and they stuck right back on after i peeled them off. 


as you can see, these are pretty much perfect for retro gamers!  i also quite like the fact that they are on transparent backgrounds, with no borders.  this makes them look much more like they’re part of the wall itself, unlike a poster or piece of framed art.

and finally, here is one more photo of one i stuck to the side of my sodastream machine, just for fun, and to test it on another surface beside the rough wall and painted wood cabinets:


in conclusion, i find these to be incredibly cool and easy to use.  i still have a ton more to put up, but i will be waiting until the next time my kid is here, so he can maybe choose some for his two bedrooms (one here, one at dad’s place).  i won’t be surprised if his dad tries to steal some for his own room!



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