it’s a good day to be a geek

today is my son’s 16th birthday, and he’s quite possibly the world’s biggest portal fan.  we’ve had little portal cubes in the shop for darn near forever now, and they’re cute, but i have to admit they’re also a little plain. 

well, i’ve been on a mold buying spree lately, and i noticed that one of the ones that came in would make a perfectly shaped portal.  and, lo and behold, the gel colours i am slowly switching to just happen to have the perfect shades of blue and orange.

all of this has led to a brand new soap in the shop, and i am giving you a chance to win a set of the prototypes!



so here’s the deal:

i have six pairs of blue and orange portals.  they will likely be uneven, since they’re the ones we used to test dimensions.  they’re *unscented* and cannot be customized.

in order to successfully enter, you absolutely must leave a comment on this post, and answer the following question:

what is your favourite video game, and why (and don’t say because!)?

you may get BONUS entries for posting a link to this blog post on your social media sites (fb, g+, twitter, etc).  for each mention, please leave another comment with a link to your share (so i can check you out!).

yes, this means you could win more than one set.  just please don’t spam your followers too badly 🙂

i will pick the 6 (or less) winners by random draw at approximately noon pacific, on monday, march 24, and you will have until 10am pst, tuesday, march 25th to get me your shipping info if you are a winner.

yes, this is open to international readers, but keep in mind: shipping will be insane, and i am not able to cover customs fees.

and wish mr jones a happy birthday if you know him!


23 thoughts on “it’s a good day to be a geek

  1. Oooo, this is a hard question. I’m gonna have to cop out and break it down into a few. Favorite franchise: The Borderlands series. Favorite game based on character: DmC Favorite game overall: Dragon Age: Origins.


      1. Prepare for a block of text—-Borderlands Series: Game play is amazing. Absolutely so, plus the overall tone of the game is just hilarious. Customization options out the wazoo, bazillions of guns/loot, great writing and extra wubwubs. Plus, the best bad guy I’ve ever faced/come to love is Handsome Jack. For DmC? Dante. Everything about his game-play, attitude and the way they wrote the character was pretty awesome. Not to mention the challenge of leveling him up and getting crazy with the combos! Dragon Age: Origins? Writing. Some of the best character interaction I have seen. You really feel like you get to know the party and the story was pretty epic. The game left me feeling attached to both the story and the characters and I still go back and replay it to this day.


  2. My favorite game happens to be Portal because it requires critical thinking and logic. I love two player mode because it requires team work. Plus the game characters are funny. My boyfriend and I are such fans that I made him a huge companion cube plush for valentines day.


    1. ha, i love glados, but have somehow managed never to play either portal game. i am such a terrible geek 😛

      i have, however, seen jonathan coulton live (not at pax, either), so there’s that.


  3. Honestly, I love Final Fantasy and a bunch of other series, but as far as my absolute favorite, I have to say SSX3, with the new SSX as a close second. Just dropping at the top of the mountain and cruising down… Relaxing as hell.


    1. justin got me an nes and a gold zelda (the very first game i ever owned, until my brother stole it) for a recent birthday. it’s loud, but i love it! ‘retro’ gaming ftw!


  4. I am totally in love with the Ogre Battle series. It’s a simulation tactics style RPG where you are smack dab in some deep political stuff that’s about to go down. Whether you’re leading a revolution, plowing through a corrupt monarchy, just trying to save some bros, it’s always been an enriching series for me. Plus the games the series creator (Yasumi Matsuno) worked on are named after Queen songs, how awesome is that?? Ogre Battle is also responsible for my favourite RPG ever Final Fantasy Tactics (which I will abbreviate as FFT from now on). I am including this game with the Ogre Battle series for a few reasons, the series creator worked heavily on FFT by writing and directing the game. It’s chock full of political intrigue, betrayal, loss, love, hope, etc. All of the things that make Ogre Battle an awesome and enriching experience.


    1. justin LOOOVES both of these games, and has fft advance (2?) for gameboy. it’s the main reason i still have my (special edition gold zelda) ds lite, since the 3ds doen’t have the gba slot.


  5. Better late than never LOL I do love the first Final Fantasy game. I loved that it played like the table top games of D&D that I used to play in HS. Old I know but it’s totally one of my favorites. My second fav is Animal Crossing and I love that game because of building the community and for the finding of goodies ❤


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