on the third day of pax we…

find all the things 🙂

so far, we’ve gotten good play time with hand of fate (an indie game) and monster hunter 4.  we saw acquisitions, inc. (i watched from home, due to health issues).  we’ve gotten pins and buttons, seen a great mononoke, some really good bioshock infinite cosplay, eaten some curry and poutine and a couple good smoothies.

today is day 3.  i still have plenty of soap and sampes!  here’s how to spot me if you want some:

1.  same old well worn galaxy chucks

2. red + gold = IRON

3. why is that lady’s chest blinding me?

4.  the (wo)man in the IRON mask




pax day 2 tips for finding me

it’s not even 7 am yet.

here’s how to find me for samples and prizes, today:

1. tangled up in blue

2. blue da ba di ba da

3. oh hey, that’s one heck of a SCARF

4. my, how well you’ve aged (unless you catch me without the wig on)

ha!  i should stick out pretty well today.


tips for how to find me (and hopefully win something) at pax

it’s that time again! i will be at pax all 4 days, and i will have some neat geeky soap stuff with me! if you can find me, and answer a challenge question, you could win a full sized soap from the shop!

with day 1 about to begin, here are your hints for friday 8/29:

1. the thing about lucky cats is, well, they’re lucky.
2. everybody needs more green. you cannot deny it.
3. those braids are far (inside) out!
4. well worn galaxy chucks. i am groot?

find me, and be ready for some geek trivia to claim your prize! if you can’t answer the challenge, i should still have a sweet sample for you.

good luck!