pre-etsy preview!

so, i am going to try a thing.  the thing i am going to try is this: pre-etsy preview sales.

yes.  you all, on my social media sites, will have a chance to see and purchase things before they hit the etsy shop.  i am trying this for a couple reasons.

1.  i am, quite honestly, a little tired of getting takedown notices for items on etsy, when everybody else sells fandom stuff even more blatantly than i do, and they never get any sort of repercussions.

2.  i think preview sales are awesome.  plus, (2.5) it will get me in the habit of posting more regularly as well.

so, here’s preview sale # 1!

we’ll call this one halloween and (stupidly early) christmas cards.

set 1: glitter outlined corvids, set of 10.  $22, includes u.s. shipping.  if you’re international and want them, let’s talk (this goes for all items i sell, not just these)

set 2: embossed nevermore and danse macabre, 7 cards for $18, includes us shipping.  this set is duplicate-able.  it can be done on other colour paper.  just ask.

set 3:  5 embossed tree cards.  one is a bit smudgy, but i can replace it (unless you want the smudgy one).  $15, includes us shipping.  also duplicate-able, on other paper.  i can even do evil red trees on darker paper, if you fancy such a thing.

i can make bigger lots of set 2 and 3, as well.  pricing will vary.

i also want to let folks know that i can now make soaps in bacon or leather scents, for those who want clean men around them.  or ladies.  ladies like bacon and leather too.

the full current-as-of-now scent list can be found at the scent list link above this page.
leave me an order in the comments, or by email: lyra.cole@gmail.comDSC_0154 DSC_0155 DSC_0156 DSC_0157 DSC_0158 DSC_0159 DSC_0160


day 4 tips for finding me

there really are no tips for finding me today.  today is wind down day, which means no big bright costumes.

1. galaxy chucks

2. maybe an assassin’s creed inspire capelet

3. maybe some geeky earrings

4. very very sleepy looking!

if you do manage to find me, i do still have soap!