wintergift starts early for a cat

disclaimer:  mercedes, my cat, won a gift from sphero. uber, and cheezburger.  all opinions are our own, but we were basically given free product and have to make sure you know that.

a few weeks ago (sorry for the late write up!), i entered my cat into a contest.  i don’t even rightly remember what happened, except that it involved showing why your cat could use a new toy.

i sent out this tweet:   + + totally needs a new toy 🙂


well, i don’t know what exactly the criteria were, or who the judges might have been, but mercedes ended up being one of the several runners up chosen!  she is mentioned, along with many other awesome catties, right here.

so what’d she get, you ask?  i will tell you.  she got the ball of all balls, the sphero 2.0.  it is a very cool, very colourful little robotic ball that runs from an app that you can get for your mobile device (in my case, and android phone).

here’s some really badly lit photos:

DSC_0102DSC_0103unboxing, with a cat!

DSC_0107 DSC_0104DSC_0106 it’s super cute 🙂

now, unfortunately, wordpress isn’t allowing me to upload the videos.  this is actually kind of okay, because they’re terribly dark and it’s hard to tell what is going on.  but, when i get some better lit footage, i’ll find a way to get it to you.

so far, we love the ball.  okay, maybe i have more fun with it than the cat does…but!  she did whine for it a couple days ago, when it was in its charger hanging out.  so, i think she actually does like it better than her felt potato 🙂


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