deep ponderings at holiday time

originally posted on social media, so my apologies if you see this more than once.

i dislike both politics and religion, because they have a tendency to striate people to extremes. people who would otherwise be excellently reasonable and good to know. no, instead, belief wanders to the edges, leaving behind intelligence and compassion, and many other good things.

i am apolitical and areligious. i do my best to learn all things, observe all things, and incorporate the things i find to be the best, most logical, unharmful things. sometimes i come across situations where my knowledge of things is lacking, and in these times, i think i manage to adapt, because i have other knowledges that fill in and allow me to conjecture and create.

i find, more and more, that many religious followers and many politicals find more reasons to dislike nearly everyone and everything around them. i find it to be an issue of conformity vs non-conformity, above all else. questions make people uncomfortable, both questions from without, *and* within. who wants doubt? but even more, who wants *self-doubt*?

i doubt myself all the time. it’s what allows me to learn and to move ahead. it’s what allows me to improve, to evolve, to become closer to who i need to be.

so no, i am not conservative or liberal or christian or muslim or buddhist or anything else.

i am just me. and me, i am saddened by the way the world works. i believe it could be better, and that is my faith. that one day, hopefully soon, we can come together and be happy for each other. but, i realize we’re too many to really understand how our faults lie. and that is why we keep hurting each other.


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