the everyday perils of being a crafter

originally posted on random and curious 🙂

so, i’ve spent two days home sick from work (running a fever, coughing a lot, etc).  i hate being unproductive, so i’ve been whittling away at my piles of craftiness, and trying to get a few things done.

well, one thing i have discovered is that i just can’t find my roll of contact paper.  so i am sitting here with 50-60 cups and glasses, and no way to put designs on them for etching.  that many cups, in their respective packaging, takes up a LOT of space.  the champagne flutes are in two giant costco and ikea bags.  that’s how much space they take up.  plus, the shipping box of mugs, and a box somewhere with more glasses in them.

it’s not a small thing.

and i can’t find the contact paper, to make the designs, to etch the damned glasses, so i can do my giveaways and sell the f’ers.

and i need to order more soap base.

luckily, the soap supplies have their own permanent designated space, and aren’t just taking up my freaking living room willy nilly.

as my new co-worker, dude, would say, ‘the struggle is real.’