new fans?

i was just perusing the analytics for the site, since i haven’t written in a while, and sometimes get inspiration out of the numbers (i know, weird, right?).  it would appear i have someone(s) stalking the blog to see when i post new content.

well, here you go, my love(s).

my lovely friend kat sent out a text today with a kissy-face photo, since it’s kinda that weird february holiday that everyone either adores or detests.  well, i was attempting to nap, as i do on weekends.  i picked up the phone, looked at the text, laughed, and then tucked back into the blanket.

and then the phone started buzzing more (because it’s usually in vibrate mode so it doesn’t scare the shit out of everyone when it rings).

and more.

turns out it was a group text 😛  needless to say, i stayed up after that, since it wouldn’t be quiet.

and then i got inspired:

DSC_0038 DSC_0039 DSC_0040 DSC_0041 DSC_0042

i’m not a big fan of makeup, so i’m pretty surprised the photos ended up looking that good.  in fact, one of them totally looks like i photoshopped it, but i guarantee you i really didn’t.  i’ve never used photoshop ever.  in fact, one time i entered a photoshop contest, and totally used a different program!

and for anyone interested, the photo below this paragraph is the makeup shot.  i really only know anything at all about makeup from stage acting and colourguard, so it’s probably weird.  but i think it turned out better than i thought it had!