Giant Vinyl Marshmallows

on friday night, my husband rented a movie.  it’s a movie about pain, and finding inspiration in a giant vinyl marshmallow.

and microbots.

in our house, everyone loves animation.  sir went to school for animation and design.  i’m just a (very big) fan.  and mr jones is pretty into it too, since it kind of runs a lot of the things he likes.

we got a 72 hour rental of big hero 6, just because.  and now we’re on watch-through number 2, because we can.

i like old-style animation.  the stuff that was painstakingly animated by hand, with hundreds and hundreds of drawings.  of course, big hero 6 is not old school in the least.

it’s still full of a lot of impressive ingenuity  there’s a medical robot who is meant to be procedural and dry, who is amazingly witty and human, floating ‘fish pop’ balloons, and well, i shouldn’t give you all the details.

you should go watch it.

or, find the original comics and read up, but keep in mind that the comic and movie vary quite a bit.


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