so, very recently, i’ve begun helping out with a friend’s new endeavour.  and it’s super yummy.  and, today, he’s decided to do a thing for charity.  it’s a truly geeky tribute to leonard nimoy, one of the most well known actors in the universe, who passed away recently and left many hearts heavy.


according to the website, these sweet pieces of nerdery are $3 each, with all proceeds going to the seattle branch of the american lung association, one of mr nimoy’s own favoured charities.

please be aware that these marshmallows are *caffeinated* and are orange in flavour, and that there is a flat rate shipping charge, no matter how many you order!

and he’s also doing a giveaway!

Head to this link (the royal ravens facebook page!) to learn how to participate for a chance to win one of the amazing spock-mallows or one of the many other flavours offered!  ten mallows are being given out in total, so i think your chances are good. 🙂

live long and prosper

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