may the fourth be with you – a giveaway from a galaxy far far away

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yep, it is just about that time.  star wars day(s).

for those who don’t follow, may 4th is a big day for star wars fans, as is may 6th (personally, i think fifth and sith go together better than sixth and sith, but whatevs).

i’m not the biggest star wars fan ever (i think that award goes to my coworker, a.), but i definitely get some geeky enjoyment out of the phenomenon.  and my anniversary also happens to fall on may 5th, so there’s that fun air of celebration going on this whole upcoming week.

i also happen to have several geeky little star wars items just hanging around right now.  so, it’s time for a giveaway!

one lucky winner will receive:


1 star wars battlefront patch, as seen above

1 randomly selected star wars themed soap from my etsy shop

1 darth vader keychain

now, you might notice that the photo of the patch actually shows more than one.  the good news is, if you don’t win, the rest of the patches (along with some other fun geeky goodies) will be up on my ebay page, starting on may 3rd and 4th (or you can try to bribe me for one 🙂 ).

how to enter:

please note, first off, that this blog has a terms and conditions page.  make sure to read it.

now, on to the rules of engagement:

to win, you *must* do at least one of the following.

* leave a substantive comment on THIS post.  no ‘great post’ or ‘great giveaway’ comments, please.  maybe write about why you like star wars?  feel free to strike up a conversation, but only one post will count toward an entry.

* share a link to this post, and let me know where you left it: twitter, g+, facebook, tsu, ello, etc.  this can be part of your comment on this post, but not ALL of you comment.  your link may count as a second entry.

* reshare any tweets or social media posts regarding this post.  resharing may count as a third entry.  i count a complete copy of my own posting as a reshare.  sharing a link with your own commentary is that other thing, above.

only 3 entries are possible, per person.  use them wisely!

edited to add:  contest closes when i wake up on tuesday, may 5th and post the winner’s name 🙂

2nd edit:  let’s make this contest open to all, international!

one more edit:  all the other patches and items are now listed on my ebay profile!


13 thoughts on “may the fourth be with you – a giveaway from a galaxy far far away

  1. Great giveaway. Perfect for May 4th. And happy anniversary too. Star Wars has always been one of those trilogies where I will drop what I’m doing to watch them if they are on.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. exactly! coworker a., whom i mentioned, found out that coworker c. had never seen the movies (she’s a young’n) and so he organized work time for us to watch! it is kind of one of the best things ever 🙂

      you’ve managed to gather all three entries already (totally got you on g+)!


  2. Thanks Mike for the share on G+! This is pretty cool stuff!

    I grew up watching the original 3 (for those of you born later than 1990, this is not episode I,II, and III) that my dad had on VHS. I remember asking a million questions to him throughout the movie as my kids now do to me. The coolest thing was as I got older I noticed things deeper and deeper that I didn’t pick up on until I was older, yet it maintained the same value of entertainment. I’m looking forward to Episode VII and where the series goes.

    I already shared this on G+.


  3. I love Star Wars because I have so many great memories watching them. I remember the joy that my dad had when he got to take us to our first Star Wars movie in the theater. I remember watching them over and over again with my mom as we played chess and card games. I love the community and how it helps band people together in the oddest of ways.


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