good idea/bad idea – a review of jurassic world

we love movies around here.  we also love nostalgia, goofiness, and large amounts of amusement.

well, jurassic world pretty much delivers on all of these things.

without being too spoliery, here’s how this girl felt about it:

way back in 1993, i saw jurassic park.  i was 14 when it came out, and i saw it the night before it officially opened.  it was one of the most amazing things i’d ever seen (side note:  my favourite movie ever is still one that was released in 1985, so take that how you will).  it was perfect, right down to john williams’ incredible sweeping score that made you feel like you were a tiny human next to these huge creatures.

of course, being a bookish lass, i’d read the book first.  there were differences, but i don’t visualize like some readers do, so this was pretty much the best thing for me: watching it with the little extra details stuck in my head.

in 2013, we managed to watch the anniversary re-release at the local imax theatre (and not the crappy one up north, either).  it stood up to 20 years of time extremely well, but 34 year old me noted a few things i hadn’t the first time.  the characters were written as pretty obvious archetypes/stereotypes, though the actors did a lot to overcome the writing.  there were some obvious goofs in terms of ‘minor’ details.  but overall, it’s still one hell of a good movie.

so now (and yes, i am intentionally not saying anything about lost world or 3), here comes this new movie.  not based on any books, because…well…because the write passed away several years ago.

we went to a 2d showing of this one, the night before the official release (at least according to the movie posters and promo materials).  it was like some sort of weird unintentional tradition, and that feeling of strange deja vu continued through the movie.

so, first, the obviously not so great part:  the characters in this movie are rather like cut out dolls:  they’re very type-y, once again.  i was actually quite annoyed with chris pratt’s and bryce dallas howard’s characters, in the beginning.  they are very much the ‘macho dudebro’ guy, and the ‘too girly for her own damned good’ girl.  they mostly get over this during the course of the film.  i blame this woodenness fully on the writing, and spielberg.  he seems to have a knack for not being able to get out of ‘audiences need super easily recognizable characters’ mode.  stephen, we can figure shit out, man.

really?  you're kind of a ...
really? you’re kind of a …

once you get over this particular hurdle, though, the movie is pretty brilliant.

so, the premise pretty much is that hammond had an awesome idea, but he (obviously) wasn’t able to execute it (haha).  so a new investor takes charge and figures out how to make the dino-park a hugely successful reality.  but numbers have dwindled, and they need something new, something with major oomph!, to keep people excited about the park.

and that’s where it all goes wildly wrong.

if i say more, i’d be giving things away pretty fast.

so, let’s leave on this note:

this movie is full of nostalgic references and even some nods to current-ish pop culture (let me just say that i think spielberg may be a joss whedon fan).  the raptors are freaking awesome, and manage to be fairly central characters, so if you like them in the previews, you will not be disappointed in the least.

and that not-so-subtle ellie sattler moment?  fantastic!  (if you saw it and have no clue what i mean, go. watch. it. again.)

before i wrote this, a friend asked if there were any cameos.  yes, yes there are.  but there are only two, and i am so not going to tell you who.  i’ll leave those discoveries for you.

(and the score?  still great!)


the busy days of summer

i know, i know, it’s been a month.

in that time, i’ve started using my instagram account even more and started one solely for my cat…she’s quite popular (she has a twitter account as well).  i’ve started looking for new work, since my contract ends in just over a month.  i’ve started a second etsy shop, but there’s nothing in it just yet (the url will be  i’m officially on the imdb, with a credit for voice acting in a video game (plants vs zombies 2, if you’re interested), and i’ve started submitting voice work for hitRECord.

i’ve also been occasionally giving friends tours of the starbucks roastery.  no, i don’t actually work there, though it seems i should maybe look into it!

i’ve got a couple of giveaway ideas in the works, but they may be a while out yet.  we’ll see 🙂