someone around here mentioned a giveaway…


yep, hey there, it’s been a while.

a while back, i introduced a new product to the main shop: nail polish!

it’s been a fun journey, pulling colours out of my brain and making them into something tangible, that other people can wear. it’s something i see myself doing for some time to come (as long as i can afford all these bottles, at least).

and now that i have several colours in the shop, over here, i think it might be high time for a giveaway!

so, please make sure to read all of our t&cs, and the following rules, and good luck 🙂

1. you must leave a valid comment below, describing a colour you’d want to see soon in the shop.  this counts as your gateway entry.  if there is no comment below, no other entry counts.

2.  extra entries can be gained by sharing this contest on social media.  please make sure i see your share!

3.  do you do your own nail art?  share a photo for an extra entry (on social media or in the comments, just show me where).

you can kind of get a lot of entries.  so…what can you win?

the grand prize winner will receive a selection of four of the current polish line.  these are full size!  i have sole choice of which four to send, though i am happy to take the winner’s input toward those selections.

if there are enough entries, i may select more winners.  let’s put some colour out there in the world, and keep an eye out for a new mini collection soon!

this particular giveaway will close on wednesday, july 29, 2015, and winner(s) will be chosen thereafter.  are you interested in entering from a country other than the united states?  the prize may be altered due to shipping restrictions and any customs fees are the sole responsibility of the winner.

DSC_0222 DSC_0266 DSC_0274

(i reserve the right to edit this post as needed)


21 thoughts on “someone around here mentioned a giveaway…

  1. I would LOVE to see an rainbow line. Like super bright RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, BLUE, GREEN and PURPLE. Like deep jewel tones. Also seriously love the new lucky cat red and the phone box blue you have in the shop ❤

    I apologize about the pinterest post. It inserted my icon and didn't give me an option for anything else.

    I'll be spreading the word! 😀


    1. i just picked up the 10th doctor funko pop! today, at my local drugstore, of all places. sadly, they did not have the tardis in stock (though thinkgeek might).

      i can do greys, and probably the pinks, but i will have to work on neons. serendipitously, i just recently found a supply company that may be able to help with that… 🙂


  2. I love the ocean colors: blacks, blues, greens, and purples. And a little holo/iridescence/shimmer never hurts. Holo back, Grrl! (I could not even help myself.)


  3. I love aquas (mints, periwinkles, lavenders) and frosty wintery colors as a whole, so I would be all about a polish called/inspired by, well, Frozen Waters!! ❤


  4. Hi! Based on the types of polishes in your shop I’d like to see a milky light brown tinged with taupe, creme finish, with a dash of micro turquoise glitter and a hefty dose of pinkish copper shimmer that is visible in all light settings. I think brown, pink and turquoise is a chic color combo that flatters most everyone. I even have name ideas!


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