the last day

it will likely be another short day for us today.  i seem to have developed a random new recurring pain.

so, without further ado:

monday is another relax as much as possible sort of day.  if you’re looking for me, i’ll be in some portal-inspired makeup (similar to what was on my instagram, way back here (hopefully that link actually works right).  also, i will have on a skirt with really sparkly trim.

that’s it.  i still have plenty of stuff with me, including caffeinated companion cube soaps and some shiny cc inspired nail polish 🙂


sleepy sundays at pax

it’s the morning of the third day.  the tired is creeping.

not much going on today, which is good.  yesterday was apparently buy everything for the internets day, as my couch could tell you.  oof.

alright, how to find me today:

  1.  i’m looking just a little steampunky.  it’s not a full blown cosplay, by any means, but there’s going to be some gears.  i’m also going to see if my tardis light will magnet itself to my hair clip, but i don’t think it’s going to work.  if nothing else, i’ll have my kaylee bag with me.

2.  wordpress, you auto-formatted #1, why not #2 as well?

3.  there isn’t really much else.  there’s the metal-inspired makeup and the rope braid, but they’re only peripheral.  twitter is as always, your friend.  i am @lyracole 🙂


it’s 9pm and everyone in this place is asleep but me.

first day of pax was incredibly exhausting!

we managed to meet up with glittery coffee goddess sapphira, and 13th age fanatic aaron.  vee got to briefly meet madame momo.  madame momo got correctly identified (well, in a general sense) by total strangers, and it kind of made my day.

let it also be known that i am ‘extremely well connected’ (aw, thanks!) and that my light up tardis hair bow was a great idea, since apparently i am kind of hard to find without something like it (noted for next year!).

so, on to tomorrow’s shenanigans.

i am going to try to be awake enough to gear up in my iron man outfit.  if this changes, i’ll send out a post via twitter (@lyracole).  i have no idea what our schedule is yet, but i think someone mentioned lunch at gordon biersch.  beyond that, twitter is your friend if you are trying to catch me, as it lights up my phone like mad crazy people in my pocket.

and yes, of course, i am posting photos over on instagram.

it’s that time!

hello pax-y people (and others)!

yep, it’s that time where about 70,000 gamers converge on seattle, to hang out and play together.  and learn abut the industry.  and stuff.

and, hopefully, some of you will run into me.

here’s a quick run down of what will be happening with me today:

friday’s always kind of low key.  i’ll be looking for a couple of specific people, handing off trades and badges.  but, i will also have just a few extra things with me today.  if you manage to find me, and potentially answer some trivia (if i’m awake enough), you could end up with one of the following:

caffeinated companion cube soap

plain serenity/firefly soap (good for folks who might have allergens)

lip balm in mint, apple, or root beer

a nail polish created just for this weekend (i’m wearing it if you need to see it in person)

DSC_0324 DSC_0325

okay, so how does one find me today?  well, it’s going to be hard.  i am planning to have a light up tardis hair bow on, but if the battery dies on it, it won’t be quite as light uppy as it would be.  i haven’t worn it before, but i will also be at pax for some 14 hours, give or take.

at certain times, i will use twitter to broadcast my whereabouts (@lyracole).  this is a good way to catch me, if you move fast.

good luck, and i look forward to meeting you!

the things that happen over the course of two weeks


it’s been a little bit crazy around here.

about 2 weeks ago, i started a new job.  we’ll call it ‘the valve job’.  because, well, that’s what it is.  i’m betting the gamer side of my followers will totally get it.

the job has been alright so far, with a huge amount of information to assimilate.  i’m assured i’ll pick it up soon enough.

it comes with a much larger commute than i am used to (my last 4 years have been spent within a mile of my studio).  and that part is probably the most tiring, right there.

there’s a trade event i want to go to, today, if i don’t fall asleep from exhaustion.

and…in two more weeks, there’s pax.

right now, it’s an internal debate whether i want to try to do the pax giveaways i have been doing the past couple of years.  will i have time?  will i have the energy required?  what will i wear?

haha.  yes, i think about these things a lot this time of year, and this year’s going to be extra hectic.  luckily, i won’t have to worry too much about things like money-incidentals, but that’s only a tiny consolation.

so, what do you think?  should i carry on the giveaways at pax tradition?  if so, what should i bring?

(hey internet, make my decisions for me!)

((just kidding, i think))