it’s that time!

hello pax-y people (and others)!

yep, it’s that time where about 70,000 gamers converge on seattle, to hang out and play together.  and learn abut the industry.  and stuff.

and, hopefully, some of you will run into me.

here’s a quick run down of what will be happening with me today:

friday’s always kind of low key.  i’ll be looking for a couple of specific people, handing off trades and badges.  but, i will also have just a few extra things with me today.  if you manage to find me, and potentially answer some trivia (if i’m awake enough), you could end up with one of the following:

caffeinated companion cube soap

plain serenity/firefly soap (good for folks who might have allergens)

lip balm in mint, apple, or root beer

a nail polish created just for this weekend (i’m wearing it if you need to see it in person)

DSC_0324 DSC_0325

okay, so how does one find me today?  well, it’s going to be hard.  i am planning to have a light up tardis hair bow on, but if the battery dies on it, it won’t be quite as light uppy as it would be.  i haven’t worn it before, but i will also be at pax for some 14 hours, give or take.

at certain times, i will use twitter to broadcast my whereabouts (@lyracole).  this is a good way to catch me, if you move fast.

good luck, and i look forward to meeting you!


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