it’s 9pm and everyone in this place is asleep but me.

first day of pax was incredibly exhausting!

we managed to meet up with glittery coffee goddess sapphira, and 13th age fanatic aaron.  vee got to briefly meet madame momo.  madame momo got correctly identified (well, in a general sense) by total strangers, and it kind of made my day.

let it also be known that i am ‘extremely well connected’ (aw, thanks!) and that my light up tardis hair bow was a great idea, since apparently i am kind of hard to find without something like it (noted for next year!).

so, on to tomorrow’s shenanigans.

i am going to try to be awake enough to gear up in my iron man outfit.  if this changes, i’ll send out a post via twitter (@lyracole).  i have no idea what our schedule is yet, but i think someone mentioned lunch at gordon biersch.  beyond that, twitter is your friend if you are trying to catch me, as it lights up my phone like mad crazy people in my pocket.

and yes, of course, i am posting photos over on instagram.


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