sleepy sundays at pax

it’s the morning of the third day.  the tired is creeping.

not much going on today, which is good.  yesterday was apparently buy everything for the internets day, as my couch could tell you.  oof.

alright, how to find me today:

  1.  i’m looking just a little steampunky.  it’s not a full blown cosplay, by any means, but there’s going to be some gears.  i’m also going to see if my tardis light will magnet itself to my hair clip, but i don’t think it’s going to work.  if nothing else, i’ll have my kaylee bag with me.

2.  wordpress, you auto-formatted #1, why not #2 as well?

3.  there isn’t really much else.  there’s the metal-inspired makeup and the rope braid, but they’re only peripheral.  twitter is as always, your friend.  i am @lyracole 🙂


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