the contest is closed, the random number generator at has been consulted, and the winners are as follows:

  1. victoria
  2. rachel
  3. rachel b
  4. sebring
  5. leslie
  6. raluca

i now need each winner to email me, within 24 hours, with their shipping addresses.

the email to use is

if a winner does not email me within 24 hours, i reserve the right to pick a back up winner if i so choose.  i will have all packages shipped out by october 3, if not sooner.

congrats to everyone, and i hope to be sending you a shiny nail polish very soon ūüôā



contest closed, winners will be announced soon.

DSC_0496when i start making a batch of nail polish, it generally looks like this. ¬†a whole lot of sparkly goop, in a cup. ¬†it’s a mixture of mica, oil (in this case, almond oil), and in some cases, other things get added at this point as well. ¬†for this set, i’ve added a small bit of glow powder, in a light green. ¬†you might be able to see some on the stir stick.


the goop gets put into each bottle, and then glitter gets sifted in. ¬†then the base gets added, and everything bets shaken up for a few seconds, creating the final mixture. ¬†sometimes, at this point, i decide i just don’t like what things look like. ¬†it’s not that a certain creation looks bad, it’s just that i am hyper picky.

DSC_0504¬†¬†¬†¬†DSC_0499DSC_0498¬† once the final colour is selected, i take photos and post them all over, so people can get excited about what’s coming. ¬†the photos can be a finicky thing, since i don’t have much light in the studio. ¬†i don’t own an actual camera, or a light box, so my phone and the kitchen cabinet must make due.

with this particular colour, i had an even more interesting conundrum: how to take photos of something in the dark. ¬†i think i did okay, but there’s likely still work to be done.

DSC_0506 DSC_0505DSC_0503DSC_0502

today, i spent some time working with thermochromatic powder. ¬†it’s still a work in progress though, so that will have to wait.

okay, so what else can i say to get you interested in what i do? ¬†haha, terrible segue, eh? ¬†too bad, i’m running with it.

i’ve got another little giveaway for you.

remember these cuties?

DSC_0325 DSC_0324

well, i have a few left from pax.

want to win one?

  1.  you must leave a valid comment below, telling me about your favourite video game moment.  this counts as your gateway entry.  if there is no comment about this, below, no other entry counts.
  2. extra entries can be gained by sharing this contest on social media.  please make sure i see your share!
  3. there are 6 of these minis left, so get to entering!

contest will be open until 6pm pacific time, friday sept 25.  international entries are welcome on this one, but keep in mind that any customs fees are the sole responsibility of the winner.