i may be crazy.

Contest closed. Winners announced soon.

it’s black friday (or near enough for me).

i generally dislike black friday, because it is an overbearing show of petty consumerism.  yep.  i will not be shopping tomorrow, because i fear people in large crowds, and i fear people who are frenzied and stressed beyond their normal limits.

but, i run a shop.  my shop is online and it’s generally pretty quiet.  my shop, though, is my hobby and not my livelihood, so it makes no real difference to me how successful it is.  and it will likely never cause (or have) the issues that bigger stores do.

but that’s not why i’m crazy.  that actually makes me sound very sane.

i’m crazy because i have decided to actually have a huge shop special this year.

yep.  if you use code PICKLEDRADISHES, you’ll get 70% off a purchase of $20 or more at FWD, until 12/3/2015.

oh, and another thing: have a giveaway.

two winners for this one (unless i change my mind and decide to add more).  prizes are shown above: 1 winter soap winner and 1 holly berries polish winner.

please make sure to read the terms and conditions. this particular contest is open to all, as long as your country allows these items in shipments (it is not my responsibility to know the laws of your country).

to gain entries:

  1. you *must* leave a comment on this post telling me what you’re most wanting to give someone else this year.  this is your gateway entry, and without an answer to this, no other entry will count.
  2. you can gain extra entries for *each* reshare on social media, up to 3 entries per day of the contest.  you will need to somehow alert me that you’ve shared the link.
  3. contest will be open until approximately 9pm pacific time (10pm mountain, 11pm central, midnight eastern, beyond that, please use google to convert the time) on saturday december 5th, 2015.  that gives you a full week to rack up as many entries as possible.

and one last thing for this post:

i’ve rounded up some awesome shops for #smallbusinesssaturday, #cybermonday, and #shopsmall.  so, if you are going to do some shopping, please consider taking a look here, and thanks for reading!





shhh…no one’s home…

hey all.

with a heavy heart, i am closing the doors on my other blog projects, because i simply do not have enough time to run them all. it’s bad enough i’ve let two months go by without a word here.

some of the time has, of course, been consumed with my work at valve (yes, i truly do work at valve).  some of the time has been happily eaten up by creating things for my etsy and zibbet shops.  other time has been taken up with projects around the studio, including a giant push to sell or trade off my entire starbucks cup collection, which is going on over on instagram (feel free to follow me!).

now that my main blogging focus will be turning back here, i have some exciting stuff in the works.  it’s almost the dreaded black friday, and i am scheming up some discounts and giveaways.  i’ve also created a list for #shopsmall and #smallbusinesssaturday, which can be found over here.  if you have a small business, and would like your website link added, follow the instructions on the doc.

with that short update, i leave you.  just for now though; i’ll be back again soon!

Infrared image with Red and Blue channels reversed.
Infrared image with Red and Blue channels reversed. (by atratus)