busy times behind, busier ahead

hey all, it’s been awhile.  again.

i know, i’m so neglectful.  and probably will be for a while yet.  it’s been a busy couple of months: i’ve managed to get into internet fights with ebay, the postal service, everyone.  and so far, i’ve won each little fight.

then the holidays came, and that was a little nutty.  we had everyone come visit us for the first time ever, rather than trying to figure out how to visit everyone else.  the holidays are always hectic around here, but this was a different sort of crazy.  multiple store runs, some last minute prime now orders, and a lot of cooking.

good thing i took the entire week off, right?

so, in the past few weeks after the first of the year, we’ve moved buildings at work and brought on another couple dozen people (which means a bit more work for me to do), i’ve updated my hair colour (it happens every so often), and i’ve made a few more things for the shop.  oh, and read some books.

New things!

this week contains an online barter event, possibly another in person barter, and the jeopardy! online test.  we’ll see how it all goes…

in the (possibly still far) future, i’ve come up with another blog idea.  i make nail polishes, but i don’t wear them a whole lot, and there’s a whole crazy world of design ideas out there.  i’m thinking about doing a learning-to-do-nail-art blog.  it would take a lot of prep, supply buying, and so on, so it might be a while yet, but i’m starting to collect thoughts now.  feel free to share some ideas!