301: winner.

the winner of the most recent giveaway, by random number generator at random.org, is amazonv!

please contact me within the next 24 hours so we can get your prize chosen and shipped!


thanks to all for participating 🙂




well, then.

while listing lots of new candles in the shop, i apparently had a few more gaming and dev accounts start following me over on twitter (@lyracole and @infrozenwater are me).  it seems strange that i got geek followers while listing craft stuff, but hey, it works.

considering i have a table full of prototype geek candles at the moment, i figured we’d have a ‘301st follower’ giveaway.  it’s a good excuse, right?


look at them all!

for this particular giveaway, there will be up to 5 winners.  that’s right, up to 5.  the more entries we receive, the more winners there will be.

all the normal terms and conditions apply, but you can enter from anywhere for this one.  yes, this contest is open to international entrants.

like many of our giveaways, this one has a gateway entry: in order to receive any entries, you absolutely must leave a comment on this blog post.  your comment must mention one tv show, movie, or book you would like to see brought back from the past and given a second chance (like star wars or the x-files!).

that’s just the first entry.  to earn more entries, you can do any of the following:

  1. share this post!  once you do, come back and somehow let me know where you posted.
  2. follow any of my social media accounts (if you already follow, and did the gateway entry, you get an automatic extra entry, just remind me!).
  3. comment on any of my social media accounts with the hashtag #fwdfreebie

i have a lot of social media accounts: twitter accounts are listed earlier in this entry, @lyracole will also find me on instagram, faceboookellotsupinterest…there might be more, but i’m either forgetting or intentionally leaving them off the list.

contest closes on feb 19, 2016, at roughly 6pm.

alright, them’s the rules.  for every ten entries (until we hit 50), i will add a winner, up to 5 winners total, as stated.  each winner will receive one candle (d20, d20, death star, apple bottom, skull).  the item received is my choice.

i reserve the right to alter the contest at any time, but will only alter it in the case of mistakes in the minor details, or adding new ways to enter.

now get to it, and good luck!



craft break and a new project

thought we’d start this post off with some photos of things i’ve made recently.  they’ll all be up in the shop soon, along with new candles and possibly some sugar scrubs.

i’ve also made a bunch of valentines, which were given out at work yesterday, and can be seen here.

and, i’ve started reading a new book – the bone clocks, by david mitchell.  if you follow me elsewhere, you may already know that i have recently read through a couple of david’s other books: slade house and cloud atlas.  the bone clocks and slade house are at least minorly connected, and if there’s one thing that really intrigues me in the literary world it’s surprising minor connections (kind of similarly, in the world of television, you get a nod to an influence from a new show – like when fringe gave a visual connection to the x-files).

and, after all of this reading and creativity and stuff, i’ve ebarked on a new blog adventure, over at claws for learning.  if you’re at all interested in nail polishes and nail art, you should go check it out sometime!