craft break and a new project

thought we’d start this post off with some photos of things i’ve made recently.  they’ll all be up in the shop soon, along with new candles and possibly some sugar scrubs.

i’ve also made a bunch of valentines, which were given out at work yesterday, and can be seen here.

and, i’ve started reading a new book – the bone clocks, by david mitchell.  if you follow me elsewhere, you may already know that i have recently read through a couple of david’s other books: slade house and cloud atlas.  the bone clocks and slade house are at least minorly connected, and if there’s one thing that really intrigues me in the literary world it’s surprising minor connections (kind of similarly, in the world of television, you get a nod to an influence from a new show – like when fringe gave a visual connection to the x-files).

and, after all of this reading and creativity and stuff, i’ve ebarked on a new blog adventure, over at claws for learning.  if you’re at all interested in nail polishes and nail art, you should go check it out sometime!




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