the everyday perils of being a crafter

the following was originally posted on random and curious, a blog project that is now closed.


so, i’ve spent two days home sick from work (running a fever, coughing a lot, etc).  i hate being unproductive, so i’ve been whittling away at my piles of craftiness, and trying to get a few things done.

well, one thing i have discovered is that i just can’t find my roll of contact paper.  so i am sitting here with 50-60 cups and glasses, and no way to put designs on them for etching.  that many cups, in their respective packaging, takes up a LOT of space.  the champagne flutes are in two giant costco and ikea bags.  that’s how much space they take up.  plus, the shipping box of mugs, and a box somewhere with more glasses in them.

it’s not a small thing.

and i can’t find the contact paper, to make the designs, to etch the damned glasses, so i can do my giveaways and sell the f’ers.

and i need to order more soap base.

luckily, the soap supplies have their own permanent designated space, and aren’t just taking up my freaking living room willy nilly.

as my new co-worker, dude, would say, ‘the struggle is real.’

(update:  i did eventually find the contact paper.  i’ve been considering using it to make a decal for my new work laptop.  and by decal, i mean ‘covering for a printout, to turn it into a sticker and add glitter to’.  yep.)



catventures in audio

the following was originally posted on random and curious, a blog project that is now closed.


on monday, i headed into work like usual, and sat down, like usual, and put on my headset like usual.

and i turned on my music like usual.

except, something was wrong.  my trusty headset, which i’d had forever (well, a few years), was no longer working like usual.  the sound was tinny and distorted and just way weird.  it was like being in an echo chamber made of flimsy metal sheets.

no big deal, they’re under lifetime warranty, thanks to skullcandy.  i try to log into my account, and am greeted with a note about how i need to change up my password if my account was created before 2014, something something, okay.  so i do that, and there’s no record of my account.

well, okay, maybe i just have had these headphones waaaaay too long.  i write in to their support, and support tells me that i didn’t buy the headphones from them, so there’s no account.

but…(it’s a long story, let’s move on for now).

so, i order new headphones from a company on amazon.

they arrive on thursday.  they look like this:


so blue!

well, as i was charging them and getting my laptop and phone set up to work with them, i held them up around my cat’s ears and let her have a listen.  mercedes has proven herself to be remarkably musical in the past, so i figured she’d enjoy hearing music in a new way, and i wasn’t disappointed this time, either.

she perked right up, looking a little confused at first.  then she settled right in, with a very thoughtful look on  her face.  she was obviously a fan, as i played a few imogen heap songs for her, in short bursts.

i took the new headset in to work today, so i can have something better than the cheap $10 earbuds i’d run out and gotten on monday during my lunch break.

when i came home, merce greeted me like she always does, trying to zip out the door into the rest of the building before i notice her wily self.  she didn’t get far, and i opened my bag to empty out all my gadgets and gear.

and, as i took the headset out of its pouch and folded it open, she ran over and tried to pop her head in between the speakers to listen for the magic music.

i had to get my laptop booted fast!  we listened to some gotye and fun, and so far she is loving every note.

little slipknots (updated)

the following was originally posted on random and curious, a blog project that is now closed.


i am trying to re-teach myself how to crochet.

first, i lost my set of hooks.

then i got a huge box of yarn in via trading (this is a big thing i do, in person, and over the internet on facebook and etsy).

managed to get a ton of knitting needles…but no one has ever successfully gotten my weird brain to figure out how knitting works.  luckily, there were two crochet hooks bundled in with all the needles!  two BIG FAT crochet hooks.

now, normally, for the past few years, i have used much smaller crochet hooks, to make straight lines of metal crochet (which then can be bent into loops for jewelry).

well, these two fat hooks actually are just perfect, because the yarn i received is all very very fluffy!  in fact, as you can see in the photo, i think i am stitching too small still!


it’s fine though; no one will be able to tell when i make mistakes, and i’ve finally figured out how to do turns again (after doing it right but not realizing it, about 5 times)!

not sure what this project is yet, but it will probably end up being a scarf.  might as well start super simple, with lots and lots of turns for practice.  then, maybe, i will feel comfortable enough to try some more complicated stitches.


updates:  i am constantly losing and re-finding my crochet hooks.  i just saw one earlier tonight.

i haven’t done a lot of crocheting since this post, as i have been focusing on other projects.  the fluffy thing in the photo ended up becoming a tiny cat blanket, which mercedes loves to sleep on.

i’ve had ideas for new wire crochet projects, which might move forward soon.  we shall see.


sometimes the most mundane things really throw you.

i had about a bazillion things to write about recently, but today has just kind of popped me flat on my ass with bizarreness, so that’s what you get to read about.

of course, it’s a monday and leap day combined, and it’s really been that kind of day.  first of all, first thing this morning, as i was waiting for my bus, i noticed the weirdest thing.  across the water, there was a gigantic boat.


normally when i see boats in the morning, they’re more this size (this is a standard inter-island ferry):


my friend kat, ever curious, found out that the behemoth of a boat i saw at 6 this morning is actually the cma gcm benjamin franklin, the largest container ship to ever dock in north america, and it’s about 3 standard ferries long, coming in at about 1300 feet.  here’s an article all about it.

once i got to work, about half my mini team (and quite a few others, from what i understand) called out sick for the day.

then, on my way home, sir messaged me to say a huge box had arrived for me.  i’d been ordering things off amazon, of course, but nothing really big.  so, when i got home, i was kind of surprised to see a box about half the size of a large refrigerator.  i opened it to find a much smaller box (about a fifth the size of the outer box), a strip of kraft paper, and a small tin of coffee.  it was kind of like sticking a standard ferry and a baketball in the cma gcm benjamin franklin.

and now, it’s time to wind down on this weird day.