sometimes the most mundane things really throw you.

i had about a bazillion things to write about recently, but today has just kind of popped me flat on my ass with bizarreness, so that’s what you get to read about.

of course, it’s a monday and leap day combined, and it’s really been that kind of day.  first of all, first thing this morning, as i was waiting for my bus, i noticed the weirdest thing.  across the water, there was a gigantic boat.


normally when i see boats in the morning, they’re more this size (this is a standard inter-island ferry):


my friend kat, ever curious, found out that the behemoth of a boat i saw at 6 this morning is actually the cma gcm benjamin franklin, the largest container ship to ever dock in north america, and it’s about 3 standard ferries long, coming in at about 1300 feet.  here’s an article all about it.

once i got to work, about half my mini team (and quite a few others, from what i understand) called out sick for the day.

then, on my way home, sir messaged me to say a huge box had arrived for me.  i’d been ordering things off amazon, of course, but nothing really big.  so, when i got home, i was kind of surprised to see a box about half the size of a large refrigerator.  i opened it to find a much smaller box (about a fifth the size of the outer box), a strip of kraft paper, and a small tin of coffee.  it was kind of like sticking a standard ferry and a baketball in the cma gcm benjamin franklin.

and now, it’s time to wind down on this weird day.



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