a year in colour

i’ve been colouring my hair for years, pretty much since high school.  there’ve been large gaps where i kept one colour for a while or went back to my ‘natural’ colour (which usually meant adding something close to what it actually is, and then leaving it alone for a while to even itself out).

this past year has been full of a lot of wild colours, and several folks who know me are now on a sort of colour watch, if you will.  i’ve even had people ask me to alert them when i make changes.  i thought maybe a mini-retrospective of the past year would be of interest to some of you.

for those who work with me, keep in mind that we’ve known each other for 8 months now, so you’ll have seen most of this before.

in early march of 2015, i was working at popcap games, here in seattle.  i’m pretty sure i’d done some wacky stuff with my hair, before this point, but i’d been wanting to do rainbow hair for quite some time, and decided to finally just do the thing.  i thought i was a really patient person, but i learned a lot more about patience when i did this.  with bleaching time, this probably took me about 5 hours or so (yes, i do all my own hair colour).

DSC_0073 yes, my eyebrows match.  no, they’re just drawn on, not dyed.DSC_0227_1

some time after that, i had an interview for my current employer.  i thought it would maybe not be best first impression to show up with extremely faded rainbows in my hair, so i did my best to get the colour out.  pravana makes some incredibly durable red, let me tell you.  i ended up with what you see below.


i got the job.

shortly after starting, i asked what the policy was on ‘unnatural’ hair colours.  i’ve learned to do this, after having a boss say it was fine if i had purple hair, and then changing his mind, and being told to dye it to a normal colour again.  i had the last laugh there, because the purple was not permanent, and dying over it just led to it fading and taking the other colour with it, leaving a weird surreal pink.

so, armed with permission from two managers, i managed to create the oddly appropriate-to-my-current-workplace look seen here:

DSC_0470it is grey on the underneath layer, yep.20150920_130849DSC_0473this is what it looked like when braided.  very awesome.

once it started growing out, i decided i needed something completely different.


i figured i’d give my hair a little tiny bit of a break, and didn’t bleach it out in between these two.  i kept the bottom layer grey, and added a couple stunning purple and teal shades.  all the colours used so far in this post were pravana (except the pink – i think that brand was called one and only…the pravana pink i tried did absolutely nothing).


the next two photos are from around and on halloween.  the first shot is a product shot for hair falls i created (in roughly the same colour as the purple in my actual hair).


this second shot is from about 6am the day of the halloween party at work.  some of my coworkers were extremely confused, because i had just changed to purple and teal…why did i re-do it in red?  i had to explain, a few times, that it was just a wig!


and then, a few months later, i did this:


yep, that’s a fork.  if you get the reference, you rock.  these colours are from sparks.  i think i originally tried sparks because they were less expensive than pravana.  they turned out really well, as you can see.


as time went on, the sparks faded, leaving me with what one coworker described as ‘sunset’ hair.  i don’t seem to have any photos of this, but it really looked pretty neat.  sparks is a self-described ‘semi-permanent’ colourant, so i had expected it to fade, and i was pretty pleased with how it did so.

so now, a year later, i have used the sparks line to return to the rainbow.  the blue i used this time is much darker than the pravana i used last year, but i expect it will fade to something much better than the weird lime green i was left with last time.  i’ll try to get more photos this time around, and maybe post an update in a few weeks.



2 thoughts on “a year in colour

    1. my hair is both incredibly resilient and very angry, and i am often surprised at what it can take from me. i have gotten it to the point, on at least one occasion, where it started kind of shuffing off really weirdly. i left it alone for a while after that, especially when some hair stylist told me she wouldn’t touch my hair.

      of course, i haven’t actually gone to a professional stylist in ages, because they seem to always majorly fuck up my hair for me. the last good really awesome stylist i had left this mortal coil some years back, and she was the only person i had felt i could trust with my hair since … i don’t even know when.

      i bet your hair could actually handle the colours i use, as they are additive only, and you probably wouldn’t even need lightening (or at least, not much) first, with the colour your hair is naturally.

      i find that i kind of need my hair to be different colours every so often. and it definitely makes people wonder.


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