on being a zombie, at least for a few minutes

the following was originally posted on random and curious, a blog project that is now closed.


maybe a month or two back, i got invited to try something new and different: voice acting.

it was a very simple set up: several mics in a small office.  it was probably a little more technical than i make it sound, but it wasn’t a full blown studio like i’d been in before, for music.

i suppose there’s far less equipment when there’s only one instrument?

so, i came in, and was given a set of phrases to work with.  i was super nervous, even with just a few words!  i like to talk and sing, but not in front of others, and especially not in front of people i don’t even know, so i had quite a bit of anxiety at first.

i said my few words, over and over, in different tones and paces.  it probably lasted all of 15 minutes, and was incredibly fun!

i don’t have any photos, of course (though i am sure i could have asked to take some).  but i do have an actual credit in a video game now:)

i know the coding got a little messed up, but my name is in there!


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