on video games, or this is my strange life

hey there.  yeah, you there.  can we talk about video games for a few minutes?

well, it’s my blog, so i’m going to no matter what you just said.

so, when i was a super little kid, our house had a nintendo entertainment system, and it was sort of the best thing ever.  we also, at some point in time, had an atari system and a commodore 64 and, well, our household embraced game technology like mad.  always have.

when i was a tiny wee one, though, i had no idea where i would be now.

hell, even when i was in high school, i had no idea.  i thought i would grow up to be a scientist (copper salts burn blue, iron is orange, and magnesium is blindingly white), or a writer (working on that one, still), or any number of slightly more practical things (though not anything to do with medicine, because hell no).

today, i am sitting here writing, as my lovely partner in crime plays some assassin’s creed: black flag.  i marvel at how great, but still silly, it looks.  i mean, the people have smooshy dog-like faces, but so much attention has been paid to how clothes move, and water textures, and you know, all the extraneous detail stuff.

and across the room, i have my nes that he got me about a year ago, for my birthday.  how far we’ve come, right?

with these things around me, i think on where i am in life.  i’m in my 30s.  my kid is heavily into the modding communities for minecraft, and sir is helping to program a minecraft server in such a way that their version of the game is different from anyone else’s version (it’s modding but a bit more fundamental, i guess, involving coding and all sorts of crazy things).

and then there’s me.  i’ve come up from general customer support, to technical support, and now i’m floating around in the world of quality assurance.  i’ve gone from beta testing for wb games and microsoft (and some others), to handling first and second tier issues for popcap, ea games, and firemonkeys studios (hello, australia, i love you!), and then there’s the qa i’ve been doing for the company that will not be named.

looking back, i’d have never seen me where i am now.  surrounded by games (and russians), i wonder if there is any other way things could have gone.

no.  that answer is no.



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