prepping for my first craft fair!

my etsy shop has been in existence for just over 5 years now.  it doesn’t seem like that long, but that’s what the banner says.

in all that time, i have heard about other sellers doing craft fairs.  heck, i’ve even applied for some in the past, but never expected to be accepted into them, and never was.  i don’t know the first thing about selling at fairs, so i don’t know how to look good on the applications.

i’ve been solicited to sell in consignment stores.  that also seemed to never work out.  i don’t think i can really wrap my brain around dumping all my stuff with a stranger i don’t personally know, and then agreeing to only a portion of the sales of MY items.  it’s a weird idea, and it kind of bothers me.  not to mention, the logistics are not great for me, since i can’t just create tons of stuff on demand at the moment (having a normal day job and all).

well, this time, a craft fair representative contacted me, out of the blue.  their craft fair is a little different.  there was no application fee, so i didn’t feel cranky about giving it a try.  and it didn’t hurt that they already liked my stuff.  so, i gave it a go, and was accepted right away.

i’m still a tiny bit leery, since it was a group i’d never heard of before (which isn’t really a feat, since i only know of maybe one of two of these outfits anyway), and this will be their first time in the specific area they’re coming to.  but, they don’t charge $500-2000 for a table, and they don’t charge people to come check out your stuff.  oh, and they’ve apparently been pretty successful in their other venues.  i find that to be a solid start.

if you’re in the portland, oregon area in mid-june, and have always wanted to see my stuff in person, hit up the link and maybe check it out with me?

geek craft expo!