far portlandia

last weekend, we headed to portland (the one in oregon, not the one in maine), and spent the weekend working at the geekcraft expo.  geekcraft expo is a craft fair with an extremely geeky bent.  oviously, we fit right in.

we took all our nail colours and the nerdiest of our soaps, and threw them on a table for all to see.  it looked like this:


it was crazy, exhausting, and super fun!  and, of course, we had technical difficulties galore.  we had a square reader (which worked one day, but not the other), a paypal reader (which would’t work one day, but did the other), and an etsy reader as super backup, and a heart-shaped sequin-studded cash box.


we had had a lot of great advice about how to do things over the course of the weekend (thanks to everyone who helped!), and it made for a really awesome first show.  in fact, the showrunner (who happens to be a guy named daniel way, of deadpool comics fame) just could NOT believe it when i let him know this was the first show we’d ever vended.


^ legos, gummi bears (that actually smell like gummi bears!), dice soap, pac-man, the d20 of sparkling cleanliness, rainbow sparkle party, dexter’s crime scene clean up, bacon bars, some rando star wars stuff, and nail colours.


^ a heap o’ death stars, teeth, zombie paws, gravestones, portal bits, hearts (including the zelda heart cases), castle in the cloud, daleks, tiny tards and big giant tards.  yes, i do call them tards.  saves me from picking between tardises and tardisi.  there were a bunch of brains on this table somewhere, too, but they seemed to have skipped picture time.


^ coffee beans off to the upper left, hearts on the right.  in the middle is our awesome star wars homage (built by sir!), which includesa couple of x-wings, the millenium falcon, an death star, and that thing right there in the middle is alderaan.  why is it specifically alderaan, you ask?  oh, good, i get to explain!

it’s called alderaan, because it’s a bath bomb and when you drop it in the water, it explodes and out comes a whole bunch of colour and glitter!

(and it’s even more amusing if you pair it with a death star soap)

12 - 212 - 5DSC_0579

obviously, we had way too much fun.  alderaan will be available in the shop very soon.

we’ll post any upcoming craft fairs as soon as we sign up 🙂


in which we prep for portland

we (and i can say we, this time, since we’ll be a crew of four!) have been preparing like crazy people for the geek craft expo that’s happening in something like 9 days now in portland, oregon.  there’s even a kick-off party the night before, at a local comic shop.

until then, i will continue to fine tune our table setup, rather frantically, since i had somehow thought i had an extra week until just now.

we’ll be bringing a whole lot of soaps, bath bombs, and nail polish colours for everyone to peruse.