hello lovelies (giveaway is now closed)

oi there, it’s been a bit, hasn’t it?

sorry to leave you all waiting for three months.  don’t think i don’t notice that someone is watching and waiting for me to get back to writing something here.  whoever you are, i appreciate you.

so, we moved.  we did a lot of work at work (sir got a new job, working with me!).  we did pax (i have photos over on insta, but you might have to go back about a month).  we applied for more shows (and, surprise, ucu turned me down again…i swear they just take your application fee and eat it or something).  we got an amazing painting from an artist named stasia burrington.  i tested something called a vive.

it’s been a pretty busy crazy wild three months.

so what can i do to make this absense up to you, my lovelies?

i don’t suppose a giveaway might work?  no?  how about two, one here and one over at my nail art-focused site?

okay, so here’s the info for this giveaway:

  1.  make sure to read the standard terms and conditions.
  2. this giveaway is open from now until october 11, 2016
  3. in order to gain entry ~*YOU MUST COMMENT ON THIS POST*~
  4. you may gain additional entries by sharing this blog post on twitter (tag @lyracole), g+ (tag +elly ice), facebook (post your share link in comments, please), or instagram (tag @lyracole)
  5. THIS GIVEAWAY IS OPEN INTERNATIONALLY.  (the other one is not, sorry!)
  6. i should probably show you the possible prizes:

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the winner will get to pick one of our four newest soaps: autumn swirlpitch blackidlewild, or amber!

good luck, and much !