fwd now has an official blogger/swatcher application!

really, we do.



it might be a little dusty in here…

oof, it’s been a year since my last update.  it’s been kind of crazy busy out in real life, but i’m not really sure that’s a good excuse.

i’ll be doing some updates to the current scent list soon (as i’ve been running out of stuff preparing for a show that’s this month!), and i’ll try to get in here more regularly.  i can’t guarantee anything, since it’s still a little nuts around here, but we will see.

so i have two things today.  one is that kat is now official STAFF for fwd 🙂

the second thing is that we’re vending at geekcraft expo seattle at the end of this month!  we will be there, as well as 70 or so other amazingly geek-friendly small businesses.  and this year, not only will i have NEW soap designs, i’ll have a selection of vinyl decal work and really blingy shadowboxes as well.  want an idea of *some* of what we’re bringing?  i’ve got that covered:

i hope we see you soon!

Winner drawn!

for the most recent contest, reader kat is our soap winner!

because i am feeling super generous right now, the other 3 entrants may also choose a soap.

everyone, please send an email to lyra.cole@gmail.com, with your shipping address and your soap choice, by 1pm pacific time on october 13th.


hello lovelies (giveaway is now closed)

oi there, it’s been a bit, hasn’t it?

sorry to leave you all waiting for three months.  don’t think i don’t notice that someone is watching and waiting for me to get back to writing something here.  whoever you are, i appreciate you.

so, we moved.  we did a lot of work at work (sir got a new job, working with me!).  we did pax (i have photos over on insta, but you might have to go back about a month).  we applied for more shows (and, surprise, ucu turned me down again…i swear they just take your application fee and eat it or something).  we got an amazing painting from an artist named stasia burrington.  i tested something called a vive.

it’s been a pretty busy crazy wild three months.

so what can i do to make this absense up to you, my lovelies?

i don’t suppose a giveaway might work?  no?  how about two, one here and one over at my nail art-focused site?

okay, so here’s the info for this giveaway:

  1.  make sure to read the standard terms and conditions.
  2. this giveaway is open from now until october 11, 2016
  3. in order to gain entry ~*YOU MUST COMMENT ON THIS POST*~
  4. you may gain additional entries by sharing this blog post on twitter (tag @lyracole), g+ (tag +elly ice), facebook (post your share link in comments, please), or instagram (tag @lyracole)
  5. THIS GIVEAWAY IS OPEN INTERNATIONALLY.  (the other one is not, sorry!)
  6. i should probably show you the possible prizes:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

the winner will get to pick one of our four newest soaps: autumn swirlpitch blackidlewild, or amber!

good luck, and much !

far portlandia

last weekend, we headed to portland (the one in oregon, not the one in maine), and spent the weekend working at the geekcraft expo.  geekcraft expo is a craft fair with an extremely geeky bent.  oviously, we fit right in.

we took all our nail colours and the nerdiest of our soaps, and threw them on a table for all to see.  it looked like this:


it was crazy, exhausting, and super fun!  and, of course, we had technical difficulties galore.  we had a square reader (which worked one day, but not the other), a paypal reader (which would’t work one day, but did the other), and an etsy reader as super backup, and a heart-shaped sequin-studded cash box.


we had had a lot of great advice about how to do things over the course of the weekend (thanks to everyone who helped!), and it made for a really awesome first show.  in fact, the showrunner (who happens to be a guy named daniel way, of deadpool comics fame) just could NOT believe it when i let him know this was the first show we’d ever vended.


^ legos, gummi bears (that actually smell like gummi bears!), dice soap, pac-man, the d20 of sparkling cleanliness, rainbow sparkle party, dexter’s crime scene clean up, bacon bars, some rando star wars stuff, and nail colours.


^ a heap o’ death stars, teeth, zombie paws, gravestones, portal bits, hearts (including the zelda heart cases), castle in the cloud, daleks, tiny tards and big giant tards.  yes, i do call them tards.  saves me from picking between tardises and tardisi.  there were a bunch of brains on this table somewhere, too, but they seemed to have skipped picture time.


^ coffee beans off to the upper left, hearts on the right.  in the middle is our awesome star wars homage (built by sir!), which includesa couple of x-wings, the millenium falcon, an death star, and that thing right there in the middle is alderaan.  why is it specifically alderaan, you ask?  oh, good, i get to explain!

it’s called alderaan, because it’s a bath bomb and when you drop it in the water, it explodes and out comes a whole bunch of colour and glitter!

(and it’s even more amusing if you pair it with a death star soap)

12 - 212 - 5DSC_0579

obviously, we had way too much fun.  alderaan will be available in the shop very soon.

we’ll post any upcoming craft fairs as soon as we sign up 🙂

in which we prep for portland

we (and i can say we, this time, since we’ll be a crew of four!) have been preparing like crazy people for the geek craft expo that’s happening in something like 9 days now in portland, oregon.  there’s even a kick-off party the night before, at a local comic shop.

until then, i will continue to fine tune our table setup, rather frantically, since i had somehow thought i had an extra week until just now.

we’ll be bringing a whole lot of soaps, bath bombs, and nail polish colours for everyone to peruse.

prepping for my first craft fair!

my etsy shop has been in existence for just over 5 years now.  it doesn’t seem like that long, but that’s what the banner says.

in all that time, i have heard about other sellers doing craft fairs.  heck, i’ve even applied for some in the past, but never expected to be accepted into them, and never was.  i don’t know the first thing about selling at fairs, so i don’t know how to look good on the applications.

i’ve been solicited to sell in consignment stores.  that also seemed to never work out.  i don’t think i can really wrap my brain around dumping all my stuff with a stranger i don’t personally know, and then agreeing to only a portion of the sales of MY items.  it’s a weird idea, and it kind of bothers me.  not to mention, the logistics are not great for me, since i can’t just create tons of stuff on demand at the moment (having a normal day job and all).

well, this time, a craft fair representative contacted me, out of the blue.  their craft fair is a little different.  there was no application fee, so i didn’t feel cranky about giving it a try.  and it didn’t hurt that they already liked my stuff.  so, i gave it a go, and was accepted right away.

i’m still a tiny bit leery, since it was a group i’d never heard of before (which isn’t really a feat, since i only know of maybe one of two of these outfits anyway), and this will be their first time in the specific area they’re coming to.  but, they don’t charge $500-2000 for a table, and they don’t charge people to come check out your stuff.  oh, and they’ve apparently been pretty successful in their other venues.  i find that to be a solid start.

if you’re in the portland, oregon area in mid-june, and have always wanted to see my stuff in person, hit up the link and maybe check it out with me?

geek craft expo!